This weekend performing at OYATSUPAN.

January 13th Saturday at noon.
Freelance musician, Mitch Iimori, performs classical music to pop music with Oboe.

January 14th Sunday at noon,
Keiko Twiss & Amy Schomaker from Oregon Koto Kai, performs Japanese Old Time Classical And Contemporary.

Listen to graceful music, and enjoy with some sweets!
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New year’s Oyatsupan filled cookie call
TEA Streusel now available.

Azuki ( Red bean ) paste & Butter
Japanese Sweet Potato & Butter
Chocolate & Azuki ( Red bean ) paste
Chocolate & Japanese Sweet Potato

Cute sweets.
Enjoy with Green tea, or any tea.
Coming up more !

新年のOyatsupan フィリング入り クッキー
命名 ティー ストロイゼル 発売始めます。

小倉あん と バター味
サツマイモ と バター味
チョコレート と 小倉あん
チョコレート と サツマイモ

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Thank you for your support and orders !
We filled our capacity and our cake pre-order is closed.
Thank you again.

Friendly reminder,
we will be closed Christmas Day (25th).

Have a safe and a joyous holiday !!
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Our NEW Grab & Go sandwiches are ready !

Price range
$1.75 - $ 2.75 per half sandwich,
$3.50 - $5.50 per full sandwich,

More varieties at the bakery.


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This Year’s Model, OYATSUPAN Christmas
Strawberry Cake 2017. ( cake figures, design may changes )

OYATSUPAN クリスマス ストロベリーケーキ、
本年のモデル 2017. ( ケーキフィギュア、デザインは

Now taking Christmas Cake orders
by PHONE 503-941-5251, or in person at the bakery. ( 8 am - 6 pm : weekday )

お電話 503-941-5251, 又は直接お店にお越し頂いて
のご注文となります。( 8 am - 6 pm )

We are sorry, we won’t be able to take orders via
Facebook, Instagram, Message, and email.


$36 per 8” cake ( serve 8 to 10 people )
limited to TWO cakes per order.

8インチ (約20-23 センチ直径) お一つ $36 、

Please specify
1. Pick-up day ( 23rd SAT or SUN, we close on 25th)
2. Name
3. Telephone number
4. ( your ) email address ( option )
5. Quantity

1 ピックアップの日にち ( 23日土曜日、又は24日日曜日。25日はお休みになります)
2 お名前
3 お電話番号
4 Eメールアドレス ( オプション)
5 数量

Payment will be at pick-up.( or anytime before pick-up )

お支払いはピックアップ時 ( 又はその前にお願いします。)

Limited quantity.


Pick-up date availability will be given at the time
of the order.


We appreciate your business, Thank you!! 🤗

ご注文お待ちしております。ありがとうございます!! 🤗
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